December 2015

With the power of technology, we linked up with Santa in Lapland and enjoyed a live video conference with him. The children in EYFS asked him lots of questions. trim.1514C04F-CC3F-4F60-8BC6-627562003722 from ssosands on Vimeo. We also had a chat with Rudolph and asked him some questions! trim.E5EA5D6D-1F61-4A46-9ADF-312244943BE3 from ssosands on Vimeo.

Hour of Code (in pyjamas)

Today Class 9 completed their Hour of Code in pyjamas! Our cool coders were not put off by not having chairs, they were being used for the infant production! Lots of concentration here learning about computer science and writing code for Minecraft! Well done Class 9!

Our Nativity Plays

KS1 Nativity Play   Early Years Nativity Play