June 2016

Exercise can be fun!

Year 6 children enjoying and working together well in their PE lesson. They were creating images using different body shapes and I have to say that their skills in balance and support were excellent. 🖒 New layer…

We like to eat healthy foods!

Our school meals are very healthy and nutritious. We have been learning about making healthy choices and how choosing the right foods can help healthy growth, teeth and brain development.

Bolton music festival

We were so proud of our school choir on the stage at the Victoria Hall. They all sang their hearts out with beautiful smiles on their faces. 😊🎶

Wow, what a fantastic day we had racing round the track on our scooters! The children and teachers all joined in the fitness fun. We were buzzing with excitement and loved every second of it. We had such a great time keeping fit whilst singing along to the disco music!