World Book Day

Class 3 World Book Day from ssosands on Vimeo.

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Cool Computing!


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Making our own computer games

Children in class 3 have enjoyed learning about making a simple computer game using 2DIY. They have been learning to select and use on screen tools, dragging and dropping objects and running animations.

Dscn1340s Dscn1341s


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Our Nativity

We did some great singing in our Nativity Play today!

Dscn0636 Dscn0637

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Making an e-book

In class 3 we are using 2Create a Superstory to make our own e-book. We have been combining text and images by using the tools in the program to make our own pages.

Dscn1294s Dscn1295s

I can log-in on my own.

I can start to type with both hands.

I can type words on the screen.

I can tell you the main keys for writing – shift, space bar, backspace.

I can insert clip-art.

I can use the undo button.

I can save my work into a folder on the network (with support)

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Laptop Fun

We have been learning about the difference between an i-Pad and a Laptop. On an i-Pad there is a touch sensitive screen. On a Laptop we use a pad and two buttons to point and click on the screen. Today we practiced using a program called Mouse Island.

I can point and click to select objects on the screen.
I can drag and drop objects on the screen.
I can log-in to our school network and close down the laptop correctly.
I can select a program and double click the select button.


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Using an i-pad

Today we learned about how to use an i-pad. We can orientate the i-pad to make the desktop stay the right way up, know what an ‘app’ is, use the ‘apple button’ and use our magic finger to make things happen on the touch screen. We drew some lovely pictures on Glow Draw using tools like selecting colour, changing brush size and adding a background. We also learned how to ‘pinch’ to change the size on screen.


We have enjoyed our lesson!


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Tails and Magic H2O

Tails and magic H2o

Ricky had blond curly hair and blue eyes. Clo hade brown eyes and brown hair. Emmer has blond hair and green eyes. Bella had brown blond hair and light blue eyes.

In Turkey four normal girls, for now, were swimming to the inland sea. As they were swimming , they saw a little tunnel they went through, pushing through the earth. Suddenly they appeared on sand island in the middle of the sea. They walked around the island and slipped through a puddle. Ricky first, then Emma, Clo, Bella. They found a magical place and went in a pool the sun and moon crossed and the pool water went up to the sun and moon  then made a splash  and the water came down in a 4 splashes. 1…2…3…4.  they fell asleep and when they woke up and they were in bead. The next day Clo went in the shower and 1…2…3…4. She fell and  turned into water and the grow a tail and orangeand blue  tail no cloves gust a tail. The same day Bella went for awalk in the park no won was looking because in was erly in the morning and then it rained and 1…2…3…4. She grew a long orange and purple tail. Ricky went to the beach same time no won was there and she went in the water and 1…2…3…4. This time she had a red and orange tail. Then she was practising for swimming everyone was in bed and 1…2…3…4. She had an orange tail. The all found a power by magic. But Emma and Ricky couldn’t. but Emmer  freeze a drink and it was magic         and Ricky went back to the sand island magic and. The next day she woke up and she was in bed she found here power heating water. And all that gust to get a power but not with a magic wand. She kept it a secret and it was so much fun. They all went for a swim and was in shock they found a door way under the sea and it was amazing well amazing. But Ricky still kept hair secret.    But they changed their name, Ricky Nicole, Emma Natasha, clo Faye, Bella Morgan then they forgot about each other. They tried to find each other  and it wasn’t very fair for 5months they tried to find each other in the sea.  The was so worried. They never found each other they was also sad. But one  day they found everyone someone saw them swimming. They  took pictures of them and put them all over the inter net poor them. Poor them. They was in the sea swimming. Not fair at all  but them who took the picture wold be proud of them selves. They all went in to prison. The people was scared. The all broke at night. They all changed their name back. They all went to sand island and found each other. they was all happy to their feet.

By Nicole smyth

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percy jackson

I like the part where luke and percy jackson have a fight

my name is isabelle I am 7  i like the part the when the girl makes frinds with percy .

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my favourite book

my  Favourite   book  Buster  And  We’ re  going  on  A  Bear  hunt .  When  Buster  was  8  week,s  old  he  had  to  leave  his  mother  and  go  off   to  a  new   home.This  is  A  story  of   some  poeple  fineding   a   Bear.       By  mcginlay  and   sophie.

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