Going to the Lowry and imperial museum

On 20 June we went to the Lowry in Manchester we seen this lady called Michelle we did some art work of one of the famous Lowry pictures it was very awesome then about 11 to 12 clock we had our lunch it was very yummy then about 1 a’clock we went to the imperial war museum we seen these people who was showing us these army stuff and it was epic then about 5 to 3 a’clock we went back on the coach and head back to school then after we all went home it was a very fantastic day for all class 4 ,class 5 and class 6 and all of the other teachers. ‍ By caden

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All year around

This year class 5 have done some very fun topics like the volcano 🌋 and earthquake . We made a volcano out of paper 🗒🗒. Something sad happened is that are friend Ellie left and went to a new school main lee we had amazing party🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊we had cake🍰! We had a Christmas party 🎉 🎄And had yummy food 🍭🍩🍿🍪

by Evie

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Our school trip to the war museum

At  the war museum in Salford we learned about what it was like in the olden days when it was war.In the war museum there was a lot of statues.There was a car that looked very old.There was a man and a nice lady talking about what you would have to eat.I loved my school trip.😘😘😘

By Isabella.

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Welcome,,!😍😍to my trip

Hi my name is divine and welcome back today I’m going to tell you about my trip it was so fun we learned about L.s Lowry it was so exiting and we learned art 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 And you now I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Art and I had some dinner afterwards I had pie ,sandwich ,,fizzy water ,Apple and so much more.

I will never forget that day well guys that is all hope you liked it see you on my next message bye by divine 💍💎💓💖🇬🇧

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Class 5

Class 5 is a great class to be in.Class 5 does math,English,since,creative curriculum and sketch.It is the best class ever.              From Thomas

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My school trip

On my school trip me and my class went to the Lowry and the war museum it was fun and I will tell you about it now When I was in class I had to do the register then we all had to wait for the coach  15 minutes it took   Then we had a nice ride   to Salford  is it took a nice half an hour and then  we walked to the Lowry and met a woman called Michelle  she was amazing at drawing and we had to practice without looking at the paper and I did rubbish at drawing without looking at the paper ✏️  and I bought some stuff at the Lowry shop I will tell you what I bought I bought a rubber for £1.00 and a badge for £0.50 and a some crayons for £1.50 so add £1.50+£1.00+£0.50=£3.00 and I had £3.00 so I bought them then we had dinner I had a cheese sandwich then we went to the war and then went back to school.🏫By Declan

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Coding Champs!

Today we have been using 2code to make our own cool space games!

dscn2104 dscn2105

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My class

My favourite  music is drifting away My bestest friend is Alfred  my favourite game is minecraft  by Oscar

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In class 5

In class 5 we do a lot of work I like the most is maths it’s very fun we do pence and pound in maths we do adds and takeaways and times I like pence and pounds in maths and I’m in red group for maths I   tell you other groups there’s orange ,blue, green and red groups we do different work each group. by Declan

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My favourite things in class

My favourite subject is French because we get to learn lots off different words in French. My favourite topic in class is ancient Egypt because there is lots off different places. My best friend in school is my brother. My second freind James. By Leo

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