My year in class 6 !!!

This year has been ups and downs as far as I know it has been like that for everyone here are my ups .

My first one is Maths this year maths has been harder but better .I love maths I don’t think great at it but I love it! Sufiya

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a poem


are real I saw one am sure I am sure it was one

it was dazzling   Prazzling  you never now it could a been a cat 🐱

it’s mum was a bat and it’s dad was a rat she flew into the clouds or was it cotton candy she is now the queen but married to a been



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The trip to the Lowry art gallery

IN class 6, I was talking to Mrs Ford about my spending money .I said ”it is nearly time to go to the art gallery ! ” I chose my partner to sit with at the front but I felt really sick . I felt so much better when we got there .  There was this man who taught us to draw  Lowry  .He told me that I did a good job at drawing . I had a delicious meal and I bought 6 sweets and the watercolours he used for his painting .

by karabo  = ]      🙂  =p

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If you are clean you are green

In class 6 we have learnt about going green in that topic we have done posters and global warming Millie, Ela, Erica, Isabelle and tally made a going green poster and stuck it all around school GOING GREEN IS SO MUCH FUN



By Millie and Ela

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My school trip at THE LOWRY and the IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM.

Last  Tuesday  I went to THE LOWRY and we had an art lesson on how to draw Laurence Stephen Lowry, whom was an artist. He also became famous for his drawings of stickmen. After we had dinner, we all went to the IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, for a couple of minutes but I still looked at some awesome stuff, such as guns and tanks.

By Alex



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our memories of Brooke and Lysette !

HI this is Brooke and Lysette and our memories of class 6 have been fantastic when we were best friends we started in September and looked at our new class I was sat next to Brooke  but we argued ‘like always’ so I was sat next to billy near Lucy, Natalya and Scarlett from lysette

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Mythical Creatures

In class 6, we have been discussing and learning about mythical creatures. Here are some of the mythical creatures we learnt about: yeti, dragon, vampire, mermaids, unicorns, werewolf, Godzilla,King Kong, bogeyman, abonoboul snowman, seasefant, blackdog.


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Hour of Code

We are really enjoying Minecraft for our hour of code today!



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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

We have made our own volcanoes 🙂dscn2131

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My tiny dragon

One day a little red dragon landed on my fingers.I wondered if there were more of them or just this one.Then I imagined if it was magic,and if it could fly.But what if it grow so I can ride it ,or blow fire or wind.After when I went for tea I looked out the window … The dragon had grew and he was blowing fire and wind.So I named it windy.Then I rode on it it took me to the moon and back .by Peter

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