High in the sky!

“Come on,we are going to be late!” Shouted Hannah.

“I’m coming” replied Jess with exictement. It was a sunny day, two girls ,Hannah and Jess, were going to the California theme park to celebrate Jess’s 18th birthday.Although, Hannah didn’t want to go on the Ferris wheel because she was scared off heights but since jess was turning 18 she went on it.

Jess and Hannah enetered the exiting California theme park. “What should we go on first?” Hannah screamed as she bolted into the theme park. Everyone was having fun.While the girls was enjoying there selfs,Suddently the sky turned dark and the clouds came together like a tornado of fear spinning towards you..


By Lea-anne


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It was the summer holidays and Ethan and Jimmy were playing out on an old abandoned car park. The heat blazed down on them both as they were dripping down sweat and bursting with laughter. It was the last day of the summer holidays and they thought that if they spend it together it would be the greatest summer ever.

“Ha ha ha,” they both laughed.

” Brrrrrrrrrrrr, it’s a little chilly out here,” said Ethan. Son after ten minutes, the clouds started to disappear into the sky as it got darker. It started to spit then rain. Rain heavily.  “We need to find shelter!” screamed Ethan.

“Over there!” exclaimed Jimmy.

What do you think will happen next.

BY: Sonny Matthew Tomlinson.

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Shopping spree disaster

Jaylee and Jayla were sat in their quiet,boring living room then out of nowhere…                      “Hey lets go London shopping!” exclaimed Jaylee.                                                                          “Umm…I don’t know.” Jayla was not keen on going shopping even though the sun beamed through the sky.                                                                                                                         “C’mon its a nice day.” Jaylee said dragging Jayla into the car. They finally got to London shopping. After a few hours, and countless bank notes, the exhausted girls decided to their exhilarating trip. Jayla turned to her friend, her eyes drooping to the floor.                                                                                                                                                       “Where’s my jacket?” She question. “It’s getting chilly.” The once glorious sunshine has faded into the pitch-black Sky. Looking up, the girls noticed dark clouds forming above their heads…                                                                                                                                         Drip,drop…                                                                                                                                                   Rain commenced as Jaylee ran in circles thinking what to do. “Why does it have to rain?” Jaylee got so irritated-she just wanted shelter.                                                                 “What is your problem,it’s only spitting?” Jayla saw her friend being such a baby but at the same time also feeling sorry for her.                                                                                         “NO  ITS NOT!” Before Jayla could calm her down she ran away looking for shelter leaving Jayla behind. Jayla got upset and ran the other way into the darkness…                By Taina

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Mega Park Theme Park

“Come on James!” Exclaimed Joseph full of  excitement.

For Joseph and James (JJ) it was their first time being away from their parents 👥 but they didn’t care because it was a bright and sunny ☀️ day and it stood out with their coral blue eyes 👀 .Plus they both thought attract girls 👩🏻 in this theme park ,Mega Park , as they stood next to the Ruby red colour coaster so they decided th go on it.

“Its here !” Screamed James

Joseph wanted to go on the ghost 👻 train 🚂 instead but the queue was to long so they waited for it to die down. They didn’t expect it to go down🎢 as fast as it did and within seconds…

so what happens next it’s up to you

BY:  Tyriq Tilbury

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The messy puppy

“Oh no Bella ! What have you done now ?” Exclaimed Leah’s mum. Bella is Leah’s mischievous Jack-Russell, who is always getting into trouble. Her favourite room in the house is the living room with flowery wall paper and a wooden floor  (she usually slides along it). But this time she had made a mess in the kichen, were she is attracted by the wonderful smells of food, with blue paint and a checkered pattern on the floor. Mum entered the kichen and suddenly gasped with shock as she stepped into destruction…

what happens next

by Leah

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Shawn’s fishing disaster!!!

It was a glorious summer’s day, perfect fishing weather. Shawn was up early and couldn’t wait to get to the lake. His dream was the land the, “GENERAL !!!” This beast was the most sought after fish in the lake. Only 2 people have every caught this fish in the past 4 years. Shawn was determined to catch it. The lake was only a few miles away and this was shawn’s first visit. It was a lot bigger than his usual spots and was a lot busier. He set up his tackle and casted out…

Shawn sat patiently as he day-dreamed of the “GENERAL!!!” Could he really be the one to land the famous catch? As the hours passed, the sun began to disappear and huge black clouds surrounded him. Shawn felt a chill and blobs of rain drop on his head. He never expected the weather to change- he wasn’t ready.

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After hours in school

“I’ve told you too many times to be quiet now!” She stared at the board while the girls behind me laughed and laughed. Then miss banged her hand  on the desk as she put the test down. Sudenly miss pressed down on the board with her pen,it sounded like someone was screaming behind …

I began to turn the page over of my brightly coulered test paper, it made me excited. As I began the maths test,the questions seemed easy actually to easy in fact.

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The Lost Boy

“Come on Leon!” Shouted Leon’s mum down the hallway as Leon tied his laces.

“I didn’t realise you wanted to get rid of me so quick. Your usually worried sick when I go out without you.” Leon quickly ran to the door as, for the 5th time Logan banged on the door. Logan didn’t like the sunny days; he wanted to get in the forest shade.

“So are we ready to go?” Charlie mumbled. Charlie hated the woods: last time he fell in the river. Finally Leon’s Mum stopped embarrassing him and they set of.

“Last one to the river has to be it first!” Exclaimed Josh because he knew that Logan would be it . After all he wasn’t wearing wellies and it was really muddy. They all started to play hide and seek Logan was it.

“1 2 3 ……59 60!” Logan whispered and started to look for them. Suddenly a loud bang erupted from the woods! Logan, however, wasn’t worried and looked around.

“Found you Charlie!” Logan said and he was really happy; after all he’d been looking for ages. Logan slowly found everyone in the emerald forest…… But no Leon. . . . . . .

By Oscar Hilton… Hope you enjoyed thank you.


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The BIrmingham fiasco

“Where are we Brittany?”,exclaimed Lola.

“I think we’re lost?”

the warm breeze travelled lightly  on the crowds of customers passing by in the shops.most tourists visits b.s.c in the summer for the marvellous atmosphere that was in  Birmingham. Everyone ;store owners,tourists,security were filled with the summer groove. Birmingham shopping centre was buzzing.

after visiting most of the retail shops , in the north wing , the girls grew weary and decided to find the nearest transport to Liverpool. Forgetting the time,Lola chose to explore the food court.

Hours passed, money was spent and clothes were bought. The sun had left, leaving rain in charge. Before darkness arose ,the girls chose to leave and head for home.brittany glanced  ahead to the  window,as gathering clouds caught her shimmering eye.

“My parents must be worried by now,it’s turning dark.”,whispered Lola cautiously. Although she knew the weather was changing,Brittany turned on the weather to find the weather forecast which was on the public radio-in the area.




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The Missing Ring 💍

“Mam I’m going out.” Yelled Lauren

“Sure darling.”Exclaimed Lauren.

It was a warm summer day in Blossom Tree woods .The trees stood tall on the edge of the river side ,guarding the Grand River . Birds were chirping as Lauren skipped along the candy-cane lane lane .As she was gently strolling along the green grass that led to the  woods , She found herself singing lullabys ; Lauren had a voice of an angel.

Soon after , Lauren stood waiting for a boy (She was really excited to meet the handsome boy as she really liked him ) that she was supposed to meet after school .After a while,She got fed up and started to cry . As she slowly strode in sadness ,all of her happiness started to fade away and so did the sky .

The clouds formed in a spiral position, hovering above the dim , dark river . She  could feel that something was wrong.




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