A big welcome from the new school council members. We have already been very busy! We delivered an assembly to the whole school all about the International Day of Peace (21st September). We have also teamed up with the GIFT team and will be holding a coffee and cake afternoon for friends and families on […]

Please post your suggestions to make our school an even better place.

Today we talked about roles. We have decided on four key roles for our School Council.   Roles: Chair: The Chairperson leads the meetings. Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chairperson helps the Chairperson and takes over in their absence. Secretary: The Secretary takes notes during meetings. Treasurer: The Treasurer is in charge of money.


Today we got special badges to wear in assembly. We have the badges so that people will know we are in the school council.  

Today we finalised our aim and mission statement! You can find it on our page!

Today we had a meeting to discuss creating a mission statement for the School Council.   We have come up with a few ideas but next week we will finalise the statement and share it with our classes.

Today we talked about how our friendship areas are working in KS1 and KS2. We would like them to be areas that are colourful and have asked Mr Rowson to get paint so that we can paint near each friendship bench.

Due to the success of our KS2 friendship bench we have decided we would like KS1 to have a friendship bench. We have ordered another friendship stop sign which will go above a bench we already have. Hopefully we can paint the current bench in bright colours.

We now have our friendship bench. Today we looked on the internet for friendship stop signs. We have picked and ordered a sign.

Today with the money we raised we ordered a rainbow coloured bench. The bench will go in the KS2 playground.